Deliverance Seminar

April 14, 2023 - April 15, 2023
21501 Goddard Road

Desperate Christians can be found going from deliverance ministry to deliverance ministry without every finding true inner healing, deliverance, or peace. The reason for this is a lack of understanding of Biblical principles and the ability to work them through the authority of Jesus given to us because of His resurrection power. This seminar is a two day intensive of delving into the Bible for all that it has to say on deliverance. seeing how Jesus commanded the demons to flee, and using that same authority in our own walk. This is something Jesus expects every Christian to have knowledge of and be able to walk in. Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors are specifically welcomed in this seminar with a focus on explaining how to tell the difference between a demon and a dissociative part. This is a class, so be prepared to spend time reading through a lot of Scriptures, writing them down, and working on applying them. This class will be online with a link sent through email or in person with a reservation at Victory Center Ministries in Taylor, Michigan. The cost is $40 online and $50 in person, which will also cover lunch on Saturday. If interested, please send an email to

  • Organizer Name: Lisa Meister